Water Well Drilling Machine

YG-KQZ200D Water Well Drilling Rig

Introduction: YG -KQZ200D Water well drilling rig, the well drill is used for industrial and civil water wells and geothermal air conditioner, especial good at hard rock/stone/sand drilling; with characteristic of big drilling diameter, deep drilling depth and quick d

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This type water well drilling rig is suitable for drilling and engineering construction, widely used for engineering, civil drilling, geothermal drilling and so on. The YG-KQZ200D Water Well Drilling Rig has the following advantages:
High quality: Configuration standardization compact structure, low failure rate.
Applicable areas: This type hydraulic rock drill can work in any temperament, and mostly used in mountain, foothills areas.
Fast speed: The speed is 1m/3-7minutes, faster than many other models.
Low Operation Cost: Two operators are enough, save manpower cost.


Mode YG-KQZ200D
Hole diameter 80-219mm
Hole depth 200m
Total weight 1800kg
Use pneumatic 1.45-2.5mpa
Motor power 11kw
One-time launch length 1.5m
Drill post back speed 52
Gas consumption 14.5-26 m3/min
Drilling direction ground into 45-90 degrees