Core Drilling Machine

XY-8 Spindle/Rotary Table Drilling Rig

Introduction: The spindle/rotary table drilling rig is mainly applied in core drilling of alloy and diamond mainly, metal and non metal solid mineral exploration, shallow oil and natural gas mining, geothermal well exploration, mine tunnel ventilation, drainage and lar

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The XY-8 spindle/rotary table drilling rig is a new kind of drilling rig which is developed on the basis of the previous core drilling machine, based on the advantages of our country’s geological exploration market and the advantages of the same type of drilling rig at home and abroad.


  • Adoption of automotive gearbox and clutch assembly, with a reasonable speed range, stable performance, good general accessories.
  • By adopting the flexible shaft shift mechanism of the automobile, the key shift can be realized at high speed and low speed, and the remote control of the gear shift can be realized; the pneumatic auxiliary shift is light and agile, and the operation is more humanized.
  • The drilling rigs adopt the technology of forced centralized lubrication. The internal parts of drilling rigs are more lubricated and the cooling effect is good.
  • The hydraulic system is equipped with hydraulic oil wind cooling device to reduce the heating amount of the hydraulic system, improve the working efficiency of the hydraulic system and prolong the service life of the hydraulic components.
  • The transmission torque is large and the bearing capacity is strong.
  • The vertical shaft and the steering gear are connected by a cross shaft universal joint. The connection is simple and reliable.
    Model XY-44M XY-8M
    Drilling depth(m) 300-1400 500-3000
    Spindle Speed(r/min) Forward 60/96/166/272/379/481/183/269/514/835/1164/1476 110/157/222/309/445/640/905/1256
    Reverse 63/198 110
    Rotary Table Speed(r/min) Forward 15-369 28-314
    Reverse 16/49 28
    Spindle inner diameter(mm) 450 530
    Max torque(N.m) 32000 50000
    Spindle(mm) 600 1000
    Drill mobile distance(mm) 460 530
    Max pull force(kN) 45 150
    Roll capacity(m) 120 120
    Rope dia.(mm) 18.5 21.5
    Pull speed(m/s) 0.7-2.68 0.71-8.19
    Motor power(kW) Y225s-4/37KW Y280S-4/75kW
    Disel power(kW) CA4110/81kW YC6A240-33/177kW
    Working dimension(mm) 4200×1043×2400 5185×1455×3140
    Weight complete machine(kg) 6500 9500