Core Drilling Machine

XY-44A Core Drilling Rig

Introduction: XY-44A Core Drilling Rig is a kind of medium and deep hole core drilling rig with complete functions and stable performance, which is modified on the basis of XY-44. This core drill rig is not only suitable for core drilling of size with alloy and diamond

  • Details
  1. This type core drilling rig has more speed series (8 grade) and reasonable speed range, low speed torque (up to 3200 Newton / M), not only suitable for drilling with alloy and diamond core, but also for engineering geological prospecting, hydrology well drilling and foundation pile construction.
  2. The diameter of the vertical shaft is large (93 mm in diameter). The hydraulic feeding of the double shaft cylinder. Longer travel (up to 600 millimeters), and the process is adaptable, which is especially suitable for drilling with large diameter drill rod coring (top coring), which is beneficial to improve drilling efficiency and reduce the accident in the hole.
  3. Light weight, good detachability. The net weight of the drill rig is 2300kg. The main machine can be decomposed into 10 parts (the maximum detachable part weight 300k). It is convenient to move and work in the mountain area.
  4. The hydraulic chuck adopts two way oil supply and hydraulic lock. The clamping force of the chuck is large and the clamping is stable. The drilling machine is equipped with water brake, deep hole drilling, drilling safely and safely.
  5. The single gear oil pump is used for oil supply, simple installation, convenient use, less power consumption, low oil temperature of the hydraulic system, and stable operation. The system is equipped with a manual oil pump. When the power machine is unable to work, it can still use the hand oil pump to raise the drilling tool in the hole.
  6. The drilling rig is compact in structure and reasonable. All components are exposed and do not overlap each other for easy maintenance and repair. The center of gravity is low, the distance of moving car is long (up to 460mm), fixed and reliable, and the stability of high speed drilling is good. Equipped with shockproof meter, instrument life is long, it is beneficial to grasp the situation inside the hole.

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