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Stationary Screw Air Compressor

Introduction: The stationary screw air compressor is the largest domestic screw air compressor with a single displacement of 100m 3 /min and power up to 560kW. This series screw type air compressors are carefully designed and carefully designed for the scope of applica

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Product Features

  • High efficiency, more energy saving especially for long term applications(national agency certified report).
  • The whole machine design and industrial modeling of the proprietary technology are based on engineering principles. The whole machine is small in size, reasonable in layout, and easy to maintain and use.
  • The world’s top volume rotary injection compressor head, the world’s best line design, high efficiency, low noise, low energy consumption, low maintenance costs.
  • PLC programmable full automatic protection system.
  • It is very convenient to install the hoisting machine with hidden hangers.
  • New two – level compression, super energy saving model.