Core Drilling Machine

Mud/Air Drilling Rig

Introduction: The mud/air drilling rig is a kind of high efficiency and multi function drill hole drilling equipment. It is mainly suitable for drilling wells, agricultural irrigation wells, geothermal air conditioning holes and other well holes, especially for the wat

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  • The mud/air drilling rig is mechanical transmission, the other is hydraulic transmission, and the power is effectively utilized. The total power loss is small and the cost of drilling is low.
  • The drill has more positive speed series and 14-500r/min speed range, and the output torque is 13428-250N.m.
  • The drill has two gear reverse speed, easy to handle accidents.
  • The drilling machine adopts a long running speed multiplier mechanism, a mechanical power head and a power head travel 3400MM, which is used to improve drilling efficiency and reduce the occurrence of accidents of plugging and drilling.
  • The drilling rig is supplied by dual oil pumps. When drilling, the single pump is used to pump the two pumps while drilling, and the power consumption is low and the auxiliary time is short.
  • The drilling rig has advanced structure, reasonable layout and easy maintenance, maintenance and repair.
  • The crawler chassis and leg oil cylinder stroke 1.5m can be automatically loaded and transported conveniently.
  • Some functional interfaces are reserved in the hydraulic system, which can be expanded according to the technological requirements of different users.