Geological Investigation Drilling Rig

Mining Drill Sampling Geological Investigation Drilling Rig

Introduction: This core drilling rig is mining drill sampling geological investigation drilling rig, which is mainly used for geological general investigation and exploration. In the concrete structure, foundation, highway and high-rise building foundation investigatio

  • Details

  1. Engine:Feed by hydraulic cylinder,drilling efficiency is high, labor saving.
  2. Drill rod:53×59 drilling rod adopted,high rigidity and strong delivery torque.
  3. Spindle:Vertical spindle is fixed by four sets of bearing to ensure that the rotary machine is rigid enough to meet the gravel layer and other complicated geological conditions.
  4. Mud pump:Equipped with mud pump, flow 160L/min,cost saving, compact structure.
  5. Concentrated handle, small footprint,light weight, strong decomposition and easy to move.

Packing and Shipping

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2)Packed by standard import & export wooden cases or carton boxes.
2. Shipping: By logistics; by automobile; by train; by shipping; by air etc.
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