Geological Investigation Drilling Rig

Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig

Introduction: HZ series hydraulic core drilling rig is mainly used for geological general investigation and exploration, various kinds of hole in concrete structure,road and tall building foundation exploration,river levees,subgrade grouting hole drilling and direct gr

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The Hydraulic Core Drilling Machine is used in geological general investigation and exploration. The drill hole diameter can be 150-200mm, and the drill hole depth can range from 100m to 150m.


  • Engine: The engineer of Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig is fed by hydraulic cylinder,the drilling efficiency is higher and it can save labor.
  • Drill rod: 53×59 drilling rod adopted,high rigidity and strong delivery torque.
  • Spindle: Vertical spindle are fixed by four groups of bearing to ensure that the rotary machine is rigid enough for gravel layer and other complex geoloical conditions.
  • Mud pump: Equip mud pump with flow 160L/min, save cost and also make the structure compact.
  • Concentrated handle, small footprint,light weight, strong decomposition, easy to move.


 Geological Investigation Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig
Model HZ130Y/130YY HZ180YG/180YYG HZ200Y/200YY
Drill hole depth 130m 180m 200m
Maximum opening diameter Φ75-Φ220mm Φ75-Φ220mm Φ75-Φ325mm
Final hole diameter Φ75mm Φ75mm Φ75mm
Take the initiative to drill pipe 53/59*4200mm 53/59*4200mm 53/59*4200mm
Drill pipe diameter Φ42-60mm Φ42-60mm Φ42-60mm
Borehole inclination 90°- 75° 90°- 75° 90°- 75°
Power(diesel engine) 13.2/2200kw/r/min 13.2/2200kw/r/min 15/2200kw/r/min
Size 2.4*0.8*1.4m 2.4*0.8*1.3m 2.7*0.9*1.5

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