Core Drilling Machine

Crawler mounted Drilling Rig

Introduction: The crawler-mounted drilling rig for stone bore hole is an necessary drill equipment for prophase surface mine project, which is widely used in drilling large diameter blast hole in mining, road, national defence,water conservancy and so on.

  • Details


  • Hydraulic -control drilling mast, can be raised and put down by hydraulic cylinders, which saves time and worker labor.
  • Rubber track, the weight is lighter and doesn’t hurt urban road, suitable for projects in city.
  • Four hydraulic jacks, can be loaded onto and unloaded from truck compartment. Also they can be used for rig leveling and support at work.
  • 24V electric-start disel engine reduces the operator’s labor intensity.
  • Independent mud pump, has bigger flow displacement and pressure, easy maintenance.
  • Operational installation of hydraulic twist tube machine(75-168mm), improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs.