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BW150 Mud Pump

Introduction: BW150 Mud Pump, the three cylinder reciprocating slurry pump, mine explosion-proof mud pump can convey mud, yellow mud, glass water, etc. The pump is for geological drilling.

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The BW150 Mud Pump is for geological drilling, it provides functions such as washing fluid (mud or water), cooling drilling tools, diluting clay, mud and circulation. It is also used for downhole drilling in coal mine drilling rig. Chill the cuttings of drilling tools. Grouting can also be used for coal seam fire fighting and sealing grouting. In surface engineering, construction can also be strengthened to seal up the lubrication grouting between pipe surface and soil layer in water grouting and pipe jacking construction.

Main Composition

The mud pump is composed of volute, impeller, pump holder, pump shell, supporting cylinder, motor seat, motor and so on.

Main Features

  • The mud pump is a horizontal three cylinder reciprocating single action piston pump.
  • The pump can adopt motor, diesel engine.
  • Smooth operation, wide flow range, high output pressure and stable performance.
  • High efficiency and energy saving.
  • The pump can be detachable, easy to repair and move.
  • Flow rate of the pump is uniform and the pressure fluctuation is small.

    Technical Parameter

    Model BW150 BW160 BW250 BW320
    Max. traffic 150L/min 160L/min 250L/min 320L/min
    Max. pressure 7Mpa 10Mpa 6Mpa 8Mpa
    Power 7.5kw 11kw 15kw 30kw
    Inlet pipe diameter 51mm 51mm 76mm 76mm
    Outlet pipe diameter 32mm 32mm 51mm 51mm
    Weight 560kg 480kg 760kg 1000kg