us oil and gas news

us oil and gas news

Deliver goods limits: Enterprise of manufacturer of borer of well of city of Bo of county of Qiao the city zone, Guo Yang, unconscious city county, benefit laborious county, the borer of head type complete hydraulic pressure of own research and development, borer of reverse circulation of well project drilling machine comes back dig borer water borer to make well machine promotion.

The introduction is below is the examination before core borer uses and preparation: 1, borer is installed must firm, departmental cent joins a close solid, reliable.


And our shale gas has a few characteristics quite, the row if: Recovery ratio is not stable, development technology is sophisticated, the craft level demand that exploration needs is high.

Magnetite great majority is shown from form any crystalline substance - half from form grain shape, also have show him form any crystalline substance is irregular graininess distributing in the gangue that gives priority to with quartz mineral in, most magnetite is different degree is explained by hematite.