specialist stallion oil and gas

specialist stallion oil and gas

2, decrease archives (1) loosens accelerator footplate, travelling speed is reduced.

2 ― the compression that is based on liquid piston air store can systematic patent is what be based on liquid piston of 2011 to compress air store can systematic invention is patent.

The price is reasonable, quality assures.

When choosing wind to discharge powdery means, must install on borer, drilling tool " wind, water " 3, deploy the feed pipe that has the diameter to function of water of the eject inside bore to not be less than 50 millimeter, ensure can cut inverting bore to supply wind or water supply at any time, and all do not get for wind and water supply pressure under 0.

When wire rope promotes to a high office at first because come back,dig drilling bucket and layer between grasp wrap force to reach on the quiet pressure of Fu slop adds drilling tool bear of the susceptive on self-prossessed wire rope most the eve of the lunar New Year.

Gear wheel borer presses action to come with the Zhan of roller bit broken mine cliff, comfortable get a diameter at be on cliff of good ore deposit the aperture of 440 millimeter of 150 ~ , it has efficiency the merit with little intensity of tall, labor, in large and medium-sized get applied extensively in outdoor metal mine.