service rig jobs international

service rig jobs international

, adjacent broach and drill pipe, ram of search check lead plane and close solid are covered whether screw is being gotten smoothly cover closely on, motor dextrorotation is turning namely, logy advance, make its get rock wall naturally, choose optimal feed rate to operate bore of well borer manufacturer next.


Use jar of double action hydraulic pressure, have not only pass very well to bear is protected and cross iron property automatically, and clear broken antrum is very convenient.

4, power source of provide for oneself, bear self-propelled structure, the job facilitates neatly.

Group of only station pump exerts oneself to be designed by total capacity, but because fixed number of years of unit go into operation is long, move actually to also cannot be satisfied former plan set ask with one equipment, long-term double pump is paratactic move, not only increase a factory to use power consumption considerably, and influence pump group service life, safeguard workload big, equipment overhaul cost is high, reduced aircrew security and economy.

When carry, should notice the travel below the foot to take a course, want hand mouth signal, accomplish strictly " 3 do not harm " .