second largest oil company in the world

second largest oil company in the world

3 dry type reclaims gangue connects city manganese mine at the beginning of 1998 cooperate with academy of Changsha mine smelt metal again, in the permanent magnetism of new-style PMHIS dry type that uses development of academy of Changsha mine smelt metal machine of strong magnetism magnetic separation, anthology do not handle gangue library hundred thousands of tons of gangue of personal store up, gangue reclaims benefit passes small-scale test with the project, produce via debug and trying, obtained economic norms of very good technology, have economic benefits already, have social benefit and environmental beneficial result again.

5 The integrated balance chime that the excavate that class or balance of quantity of two class mine are kind of objective presence that achieves mine productivity steadily to assure to last actually pares scale concerns is moved.

(9) advance industrial business fault deep peak production and carry 26, execute peak of fault of company of estate of differential chemical industry to produce.

Classics DSVM-4 measures Zhen Yi actual measurement, the earth's surface is the biggest brace up fast the cop that it is 0* is the biggest brace up fast for 9.

The gas that be smoked is entered above all by the mouth that take energy of life room should enter gas when intensity of pressure is higher, the intensity of pressure after aeriform classics room is compressed is added urgently, compressed8 gas divides the passageway between classics class 2 enter I outdoor, still can turn intermediate exhaust valve 1 from which the exhaust effect that eduction achieves pump thereby.

Jet arteries and veins is wide turn to stop when 45ms pressure lowest.

(2) carry out strict mine environment to because at present mine environment manages our country to still belong to blank,manage, so urgent affairs is come clearly by who as soon as possible canal and the problem that what manage.