seadrill houston tx

seadrill houston tx

Li Zhongyin of Yi Xiaogang of president of 31 oil equipment, general manager, hunan Yang Xi of vise general manager of 31 oil science and technology, petrifaction wins in Han of vise general manager of limited company of engineering of oil field oil will get together, li Zunhui of dean of courtyard of artesian well of triumphal oil field, wu Jun of industrial group president attends benefit abundant the autograph arranges a ceremony.

Field survey application is ground oneself partly - hard rock is broken - the ball grinds dust of mine of molybdenum of copper of mineral separation law to control the effect to analyse Huang Huilong, ma Shiwei, qiu Yongxiang, element of harm of investigation of hygiene of profession of spot of king dawn Bin, occupational disease detects and the method such as professional checkup collects data and data, combine occupational disease of occupational disease safeguard, individual to defend level, contact level and professional health impact to undertake an analysis to the dust of work staff.

These super projects are held in the palm lifting China to rise abruptly, aid pushing implementation the Chinese nation is great revived Chinese dream.

News of Chinese oil network (Feng Jing of reporter Liu small Li Guofang's reporter) " this is the processing system tubal column that your person finds everything new and fresh.

This project is current Chinese company of great capacity is explicit the biggest project that build, also be one belt of “ all the way the biggest monomer below ” proposal builds a project.

Pump is the equipment with indispensable fountain, correct type selecting matters to the effect of fountain water scene, what the dependability of pump matters to fountain project system directly is normal move.

Be engaged in designing, make, all sorts of production, sale, projects drill well of mechanical, deep water to drill machinery, extensive promotion, application receives in project of countrywide each district, product and technique all take domestic advanced level.