rotary drilling technique

rotary drilling technique

The investigation of water pump and analysis study, include to weigh city of steel, Lu administrative division of waterworks, Lu is natural paper mill of guest of works of chemical plant water, appropriate and kapok take water pump many times of steely factory, pluvial period increases efficiency because of sandiness quantity low, shed component attaint to wait for similar problem too quickly too, climb steel pontoon to take water pump impeller and buccal annulus abrasion especially quite serious, change frequent, in flood season two a month, months, even a few days, ten days change annulus of impeller, mouth, affected the demand that manufacturing life estimates to water supply badly.

Well borer manufacturer states well rig goes the foundation wants when machine road condition field maintain centre of gravity to balance, construction site prohibits optional bore, backfill hole pool should make good mark, narrow path or dangerous a section of a highway need to fall mast systole pedrail walks, bend inclined a section of a highway needs to adjust angle of borer mast rise and fall, left and right sides tilts, circumgyrate getting on a car moves section borer centre of gravity; When shortcut or water of construction field measure of land, can guide with drill pipe broach machine, after when well borer is maintained, needing to cool, start work again, lest cause personnel scald because of high temperature, system of borer hydraulic pressure needs the maintenance after pressure release, avoid inside harbour high pressure and create risk, should disassemble borer advocate roll when braking system all, forbidden advocate roll belt carry maintenance; Disassemble right twist blame prevent rotate wire rope and carry bring implement when join, want to notice mechanical whirl is harmed; Carry when borer bring implement rotate not to bring about vivid wire rope to take neatly turn when force twists a rope, want to avoid personnel to be placed, hope the content of above can be helped somewhat to everybody, await everybody seek advice, the friends that have need welcome to be contacted with us! Welcome.


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