precision drilling pay scale

precision drilling pay scale

3 that at present domestic low specific revolution dives power of electromotor of electric pump form a complete set is power of axis of rated operating mode commonly times, become when lift is very low, power of the largest shaft exceeds 1.

(in south institute of project of industrial university Electromechanical, hunan Changsha 410083) the comparison that discharges mud with canister of traditional calm sb's anger too and actual application, show canister of calm sb's anger and vavuum pump combination have a structure simple, installation operation is convenient, economy is practical, the accident is little, maintenance is convenient wait for an advantage.

A near 2 meters European station is compared by pedrail tire, saw the type of build or figure of this big guy, its main effect works at mine, its interest power can amount to 2*1944 horsepower, overall shovel 837000 kilograms instead, deepness of the oldest mining shovels 8.

According to gem mechanical high level introduces, 2200 horsepower are light-duty high-pressured slop pump and function of traditional pump of slop of 2200 horsepower high pressure comparative, but integral weight decreases heavy rate to amount to 25.

Come back dig the position in main project machine to analyse come back dig comfortable analyse main project machine to become picket form to be able to be divided by its for prefab picket machinery and perfusion picket machinery two the eve of the lunar New Year kind.

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