pacific coast drilling

pacific coast drilling

Accept condition of science and technology of be confined to and equipment standard, the range of geological at that time exploration, deepness and accuracy the level with current short of; In the meantime, go tall as the abidance of product value, the economy of resource extracts grade drops considerably, the low grade resource that does not have exploitation value so had had economic exploitation value now, old mine deep and circumjacent foreground seeking ore deposit is considerable.

Bright! 2, at 2 o'clock, when oil cylinder of lever of bucket oil cylinder and connecting rod, head and head lever becomes 90° when, the power that every oil cylinder urges grab is the greatest.

Say to drill again machine.

Deposit should notice ventilated, prevent to rust.

Costal drill pipe is with geology drill pipe is staff put oneself in another's position, the surface twines spiral ribbon to solder and become; Can divide the helix that it is sheet, double helix and 3 helix by spiral ribbon type model etc.

Center in the geometrical research of vortex molded lines commonly to the research of vortex compressor in recent years, simplify normally to process of vortex compressor heating power the adiabatic process in closing a department for ideal gas, because the model cannot mirror compressor leak, conduct heat the influence of pair of compressor function, restricted thermodynamic theory to study medium application in compressor, cannot get used to the need with actual production.