oil rig safety equipment

oil rig safety equipment

Automatic idle fast long the automatic idle of the KX135-3S that keep field fast function is wide all the time suffer reputably, this function is to should suspend action of all operation unit after 4 seconds, engine is changed automatically for idle fast movement; is operated again, engine restores to come instantly former rotate speed.

3, accumulator newly to charge generation of the meeting in the process is hydric.

Express analysis of appearance of 2 lead substance to fasten mine of plumbic vitriol white lead galena phosphor (arsenic vanadium) content of mine of lead of difficult dissolve of total lead of configuration of etc of vitriol of lead of iron of chloric lead mine / % watches the zinc of vulcanization of oxide of total vitriolic zinc that analysis of appearance of 3 catenary substance fastens zinc, lead of the vulcanization in raw ore is occupied 40.

Between the crane that moves on same course and bumper also should be installed between the double car on same bridge.


If circumgyrate bushing follows a canal to be gotten into law and the way of long auger drilling that have an outlook very much, need bigger torque.

Of same rise with force and spirit making a person still have Xu Gong to win the bid 138 fork-lift truck, this is industry of Manian China fork-lift truck not only the first sheet, more saying to go up is the home market that the industry comes to nearly 10 years most one of large order, plus Europe of not long ago 70 million yuan grab exports some country total value order, xu labour horse year the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day sings noisy likewise wonderful " make a good beginning " .