oil drilling tongs

oil drilling tongs


Among them function of water pump cavitation and affect to cavitation into flow condition the biggest.

It is normal to make sure small electric equipment and of all kinds appearance work want to often be checked to the small electric equipment inside dynamo and diesel engine and of all kinds ammeter, appearance, because times malfunction causes operation error,avoid, cause dynamo damage.


Deflection of tunnel country rock shows right motherboard rouses a quantity, two sides to move to be measured nearly by the top, and tunnel the rest breaks what stress of area birthday country rock distributings to affect country rock not only to be out of shape feature, and watch 1 it is extend with 5.

The craft parameter that introduces above is with modified epoxy resin receives agent data to stick, to the other breed craft such as fluorine colophony parameter should change.

The regulation of pump pressure force: The operation pressure of average standard lukewarm controller is in 2 - 5bar(29-72.