odp data

odp data

Mine, especially colliery, because environment of the work below the well is harsh, the possibility that causes paroxysmal accident is very large.

The city of 6 dishes of water that holds from a few days ago and southwest can learn on mine group informal discussion, coal-bed is enraged (gas) it is a colliery no longer exploitation avoids not as good as calamity star, pass abstraction of science and technology, can change its useless to be treasure.

The application of 3 technologies fetched the gain that showing, in recent years the application of equipment of aircraft of 3 big artesian well is mixed development, those who drove a batch of industries is arisen, those who drove idea idea is newer.

Main technique index: Exterior black; Specific gravity 1.

Pool city becomes peaceful prospect machinery plant is to have machining of 10 one's remaining years to make the professional well borer of experience produce a business.

Experiment of function of deputy wear-resisting of attrition of oil well pump of machinery of oil mine field analyses Lou Hui 1 Sun Xiaozhong 2 (.