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noble corp

Rotate when gear, guide-post bushing accepts the oriented restriction of slide block, by the echelon whorl sharp movement guide-post bushing of former whirligig translate into, bedspring gets drawing / compress, generation returns power, realize amortize.

After stone is broken away from completely from ore body, can use capstan or heavy-duty and mobile device (like tractor or crawler grab) , move from the stone that gives depart inside rectangular passageway piece.

(4) connect of join of the box that prevent gush and prevent spray pipe between join connect sealed and good, without leakage phenomenon; When join and depart the movement is smooth, without phenomenon blocking sluggish.

3 solution of foreign Dian Chun.

According to manufacturer the design seals water mouth of canister filling water to receive canister coping is sealed in water of the 1st class.

Dou of content of silicon of Li Xue TwAcaaoumatfitearom, unfavorable undertake closed circuit is returned, this gangue returns thick pitch on to be able to affect the quality of concentrate; The grade with magnesian concentrate is 46.