nigeria breaking news

nigeria breaking news

Part of stance of luffing of as dot of the bore with a reamer in luffing orgnaization, fixed as revolving stage hinge is luffing wall center establish even line and horizontal mast attitude role into horn to get mast and tripod and Li Wei oil cylinder dot of two bore with a reamer connects line and horizontal to become horny 1 to be tripod for revolving stage dip.

Be engaged in designing, make, all sorts of production, sale, projects drill well of mechanical, deep water to drill machinery, extensive promotion, application receives in project of countrywide each district, product and technique all take domestic advanced level.

Although the State Council is promulgated " 3 calm " plan and " mine safety law " wait for legal laws and regulations, strict requirement should execute the law with supervising for the method, it is a center with mine company, it is in order to protect the safe health of mine worker essential, with keep within limits serious especially big accident is a target, attach most importance to a dot in order to be on guard, combine the characteristic of mine company, undertake " investigation, research, legislative, censorial " , accomplish " precaution is given priority to, administer thoroughly, administer integratedly, lawfully censorial " , build perfect enterprise ego to restrain mechanism, incentive mechanism and duty authority finds out a mechanism, the legal system that boosts mine safety actively changes construction, make state of mine safe production tends stability improves hard.

2, drilling machine should be checked when installing drill pipe, ensure drill pipe does not jam, do not bend, filar mouth did not wear away, unqualified drill pipe is forbidden use.