how do i apply to work on a oil rig

how do i apply to work on a oil rig

Its vibration and noise part come from pump case interior, substantially with the fluid inside pump hydraulic and pulsatile direct and relevant, another part and pump are direct and relevant, mix with the production of pump itself, installation namely use etc about.

For change choosing the factory produces the current situation, the problem of the existence that select a plant was aimed at between 8~10 month 1999, combinative choosing factory is actual, to should choosing the production of the factory craft undertook technical reformation.

This kind of actuating device will shorten cycle time, enhance security, reduce loss.

Still have THJ-2600 core drilling machine, this borer is 60 drill pipe 2600 meters, 73 drill pipe 2000 meters, utility: THJ-2000 borer, apply to coalfield geology, the project of explore of deep Kong Zuan such as bed of hydrogeology, metal, metalloid bed and natural gas, sex of practical, operation and versatility are strong.

Although right now dosage still not quite, but manufacturer of platform of main headroom work still values international Chinese market grows prospect, increase in succession be thrown in home and the plant is built in China, the Er that be like nimble outstanding love to know to build a plant early or late in Hangzhou in Changzhou, Japan in Tianjin, Ji Ni.

The function of RS-232/RS-485 segregation converter is to realize changeover of format of serial communication data.