geothermal well design

geothermal well design

Often encounter a lot of grab airplane advocate slouch head shakes his head, say to dig the computer of machine board burned again, appearance won't shine again.

Hydraulic pressure head type well borer basically is by hydraulic pressure motor adopts reducer drive, the head that moves with fluctuating along mast replaces the dial on borer of rotary table type and faucet, drive drill pipe and broach rotate cutting terrane.

The demarcate of fuel injection pump burns to change circularly to double fuel engine reach circular influence Dou Huili 12, liu Zhong grows Li Jun 2, ge Fei 2, xu Zhenbo 2, jiang Changjun 2, yan Tao 2 (1.

Cheng island oil field goes latent capacity of efficiency of system of promotion of well of oily report pump analyses Liang Limin (Gu of limited company of oil field of Chinese petrifaction victory east oil extraction factory, shandong east battalion 257237) the respect proceed with such as deepness issueing pump, calculate go oily report pump is departmental cent power loss, power of comparative and departmental cent and change of efficiency of system of electric pump oil extraction were found out energy-saving fall the latent capacity of bad news, put forward to optimize plan, can improve systematic efficiency, reduce specific power consumption.