ensco drilling company houston tx

ensco drilling company houston tx

5 epilogue are in lengthen factory of oil recovery of the region austral oil field 3026 well site undertook type of force plunger of drive of linear electric machinery goes oil pump oil extraction experiments, can undertake notting have to smoking draw water parameter in oil extraction process extremely adjust, pass with the experiment before common craft of oil extraction of pump having lever is comparative, discover type of force plunger of drive of linear electric machinery goes craft of oil pump oil extraction cancelled sucker rod, overcame rod tube to slant thoroughly grind a problem; Lengthened check pump to build well cycle, avoid long period exceed 400d; Heightened pump effect, pump effect achieves 40% above; Single well is annual charge drops, managing rate is amounted to 80% the left and right sides, raised economic benefits apparently.

5L undertake in agitate floatation machine.

Undertook floatation essence is swept on the foundation that3 whole technological process experiment to turn over floatation condition to experiment in magnetic separation concentrate choose a frequency to experiment, undertook on this foundation whole technological process experiments, test flow sees (dosage of agent of graph Chinese traditional medicine is right raw ore plan) , test result sees a table 3.

2) processor: What processor can handle input signal and in the light of imitate need is special calculate and produce output result.