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Polyurethane horniness expanded plastics is made of baked clay (canal) : Use at room inside and outside of all kinds conduit, the heat preservation of the conduit of central air conditioning, industry conduit such as chemical industry, medicine, protect cold.

Jin Xin runs often outside, see calling card of building site, hair, the effort of a few months lets a person look in eye ground, those who add friends help, 75 tons of his crane stepped the first pace eventually.

---Snapshot produces manufacturer where home is good - industry equipment produces manufacturer which are good- - : Borer of complete hydraulic pressure is one kind uses oil pressure drive and the drilling machine that control all movement part.

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When the hand uses position, output electric current is held by the hand implement control of face plate clavier; The hand is held implement signal dogs the function can give regulator right now output signal feedback, so that the system is cast automatic when implementation is not had disturb switch.