drilling school 9

drilling school 9

Was about to wave 2014 leave, be about one new year to come; Wish company faculty: At every turn flexibly " beautiful Yang Yang " , every day happy " be fond of Yang Yang " , all things suitable meaning, yang Nianxi is enraged " Yang Yang " ! .

Decompose gather to form soot consequently, it is the aggregate with a kind of very small diameter, because this kind of aggregate compares the fuel of aerification,response rate wants a lot of slower, because firebox high temperature is anoxic environment, cannot burn adequately to go through vent-pipe eduction again, showing what come out now so is black aerosol.

To resembling heart copper mine of the smelt metal that promote ore deposit such mine, geological condition is complex, mechanization rate is high, scale of production is big, equipment type much, amount is large, relevant information is phyletic much, flow is large, must computer of have the aid of undertakes administrative, in order to satisfy manufacturing need.

Henan general acute this - the industry is famous brand, be worth to trust! Choose Henan general acute this, is product construction reasonable / is efficiency tall / is economy durable / operate simple: ? Pilfer discharge こ covers have diarrhoea of Hao  pilfer? of ping of Lian of  of midge of a surname of  of Mei of the deep and remote  that display Hao buys drilling machine! To develop force! Be high quality! Low case! Say sincere letter! Click enter! Major of Chengdu develop force becomes drilling machine of carry out of produce and sale, sincere letter supplies high grade drilling machine.