drilling maps

drilling maps

Environment of mine nature zoology restores to administer capital to raise money on, want to build much channel to throw a mechanism, processing financing basically raises from the following respect: (1) to be being produced at present mine is mixed run mine newly (include mineral separation company) , should press strictly " environmental protection of zoology of nature of Zhejiang province mine and measure of government of processing a shot in the locker " be in charge of sectional pay to administer a shot in the locker to land natural resources in installment.

Review Chinese manufacturing industry to go 30 one's remaining years, those brands that make celebrated world are rising course, have two kinds of successful way roughly.

2 it is to close well pressing compulsively to produce.

Undertake contrasting analytic through stabilizing test result and open-circuit test result to closed circuit, concentrate grade carries Dou somewhat, achieve TFe62.

Criterion this craft can make this mine produces economic benefits every year to make an appointment with 8114 yuan, also raised the utilization rate of water natural resources at the same time, reduced the discharge capacity of liquid waste, alleviated the liquid waste pollution to surface water, because sewage is wanton,avoided to discharge causes social problem, the harmony that promoted economy, environment and society develops.

Medical treatment level (Med) : Use digit of bed of 10 thousand people to come indirect estimate.

6 whole technological process fluorite floatation is characteristic, gangue of first time concentration discards as final gangue, be helpful for improving concentrate grade, improve floatation condition 9.