drill verb

drill verb

(5) is forbidden mix with other brake fluid use.

If manipulator holds the hair in drill pipe process in clip,accident guider can rise overrule make drill pipe does not come be missing the hair that falls to the ground to avoid an issue thereby.

6% , consider the approximate sex of attrib border condition, take the correction coefficient of 1.

2 strengthen equipment management, carry lead an ore dressing plant to be comprised by the equipment of norms of 285 different type from rate of equipment in good condition, movement, especially crusher, club, ball mill, water pump the facility with these large installed capacity, the 5 ~7 during every electric energy that car place wastes runs normally for equipment times, leave often jockey not only the service life that affects facility, the electric energy that still added equipment is used up.

After the deepness that become hole achieves a design to ask, should have borer shift as soon as possible, eventually aperture checks and accept the job; Stop to begin to irrigate to concrete from clear opening, should control in 1.