dlf construction company jobs

dlf construction company jobs

The 1 overview rapid development as national economy, the shortage of the sources of energy already appeared gradually at common people before.

Duckweed countryside becomes peaceful prospect machinery plant is to have machining of 10 one's remaining years to make the professional well borer of experience produce a business.

New product development is muti_function the development of stiff oil pump and apply Du Yongxin Wang Jingrui Wang Lijun of the Fan Haitao austral Li Xiao (academy of craft of oil extraction of limited company of triumphal oil field.

The delivery valve of the oil pump of the straight gush that list type that my factory produces occasionally give oil to wait for a look, this delivery valve manufactures technology relatively wait for extrude oil a powerful person is simple, cost is relatively low, but its function accepts structural restriction, should make engine is discharged reach target, ability is very limited.