directional drilling crew

directional drilling crew

The settlement that safety of 3 mine machinery changes measure needle falls to condition of setting of our country economy, mine machinery safety turns the issue of a generation, we want seasonable settlement and handle, apply much door course and integrated technology to solve safety of mine Electromechanical equipment to turn appearing issue, make accurate judgement to equipment security and character of service, for our country mine production gets better progress, we must want to learn advanced technique level of abroad and experience, below the circumstance that accords with our country national condition, science application, those who make good equipment maintain and maintain the job, the safety that ensures mine Electromechanical equipment moves, improve manufacturing efficiency, get used to the moving regulation of market economy, make contribution for growth of our country economy.

Program structure block diagram sees.

When gold, silver-colored, copper, lead mixes floatation, use catch Z-21 receiving a dose more general catch dosage receiving a dose low, be beneficial to sequel take off medicine.

1 pressure quality must keep relatively constant, when pipeline pressure under 0.