directional drilling

directional drilling

In the manufacturing technology in well borer, well drills technology and the progress that produce technology, what cannot leave drilling tool of form a complete set in each link is auxiliary, drilling tool of commonly used form a complete set is compared in well borer production especially, like drive pipe, drill pipe, drill collar, change filar connect, broach, help up implement etc, drilling tool of these more commonly used form a complete set have very main effect in well borer.

The current situation makes a hero.

One, the principle that chooses hydraulic pressure oil 1, the basis that chooses project machine to use fluid oil 01, the configuration requirement that the hydraulic pressure element with fluid different casting die uses hydraulic pressure oil to have a minimum to place, when choosing hydraulic pressure oil accordingly, qualitative, weather strip mixes the capable person that should notice sort of fluid casting die reachs his to use the as oily as hydraulic pressure consistence such as coating or paint, make sure each kinematic pair is lubricant and good, make component reachs design life, satisfy the requirement of performance characteristics.

Limited company of machinery of prospect of Shandong Meng Yincheng peaceful goes 10 years to well borer manufacturer the market adds fast general view to manufacturer of special opinion well borer is in recent years just arisen project machine production, the capital investment craft that its need is devoted and opposite relatively the eve of the lunar New Year.

Heilongjiang becomes peaceful prospect machinery plant is to have machining of 10 one's remaining years to make the professional well borer of experience produce a business.