dalmik well drilling

dalmik well drilling

The initial design Cai Shimin that designs computational piston oil well pump ' Zang Chunyan of Niu Quanyu Sui Ziyu (academy of oil extraction technology of company of Jilin oil field) Li Guangsha Li Wangyu, in piston of car air cylinder the inspiration of sealed structure falls, initial design goes out rely on the new-style piston oil well pump with piston annulus sealed group.

Limited company of machinery of prospect of Shandong Meng Yincheng peaceful is nearly to well borer manufacturer beside special opinion water calm down deserves to have lorry crane to well borer manufacturer, promote to a high office and need not be in be versed in.

Hunan nonferrous metal reclaims integratedly from inside some floatation gangue the mineral separation craft of copper and white tungsten studies a white horse with a black mane holds the post of U, party of Xie Congxin the Kingdom of Wei gives birth to Wei Hua Zu 1 (1.

According to the agreement, borer general by tripartite joint-stock company grand China alone couplet body production, tripartite general undertakes financing for borer production jointly, provide manufacturing facilities and knack personnel, adopt a series of measure to realize borer to turn production in Russia this locality, hand-in-hand travel sells the work.

Machinery plant of prospect of Shan Nacheng peaceful is the professional well drilling machine that has machining of 10 one's remaining years to make experience manufacturing company.