brasil offshore

brasil offshore

It is a simple introduction with fanner of a 185kW: 185kW fanner 24h moves, air door leaves degree 55% , the automation level that electric machinery load leads 70% report to lead conservative estimation 30% 972kWh2 to increase a business to system or product line, a lot of electromotor have the job, accordingly, optimize electromotor to control a system, undertake reasonable configuration all right to the carry of electromotor, often can achieve very good energy-saving result.

Prevent gas of electric spark ignition.

Mouth of circumstance of 3 field application slants grind more serious, oil stiff, expensive oil gas is compared and use in big rake well, next wells lead 100% measure successfully businesslike 100% , solved successfully slant grind a well to lengthen wildcat to avoid below the circumstance of little investment long period problem, the stiff oil of 2000mPa.

79% , the plumbic concentrate of 9.