bombay rig

bombay rig

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Overhaul personnel often according to exterior phenomenon, undertake be maintaininged simply handling, not from go up at all solve a problem.

4 kinds of main valuable mineral, each other are close together symbiosis or submit Dai Lianjing, reach in different ore type with gangue between, its accrete embeds cloth to concern endless and identical.

Countermeasure of main prevention and cure causes leak the result that the element of the leak of system of project machine hydraulic pressure is many sided combined influence, in order to show some technologies and stuff, want from go up at all the leak that eliminates hydraulic pressure system is accomplished very hard.

The intensity of 1 intensity material basically is to show the tensile strength of material is mixed succumb intensity, can measure by tensile test.

Measure basically is craft loses outside improving, rise heat temperature, reduce crude oil viscosity, improve result of oil gas depart, transform the pipeline before pump, reduce filter resistance, reduce dissolve to see the effect that enrages pair of pump, increase what blade entrance is in to shed an area too, those who raise pump fight the measure such as cavitation ability.