alberta rig count today

alberta rig count today

N sets late rate of the ground temperature in downcast country rock to be A for date of well Duan Xu, m/c Era is entered (3) type gets each well paragraph =1 of general formula of lukewarm computation of lower end wind, 2, N, when I=n, it is lukewarm analysis of wind of downcast the bottom of a well namely (4) type, can reach to specific mine each well paragraph following basic rules that bottom wind lukewarm Ti changes: The relationship with ① Ti and close well from (4) mix the 3rd the 2nd times of type knowable, in other condition particular case falls, the well is jumped over greatly big (I is bigger) Ti is elevatory; The relation of ② Ti and To from (4) the 4th of type knowable, in other condition particular case falls, wellhead wind lukewarm To rises, the garment also rises; The relation of ③ Ti and G will (4) type is begged to G slant guide knowable, the critical value that puts greatly to certain well in a To by type (F-C) make: Can get G of value of a quantity of a critical wind when To, when G G, ti is concerned along with the size of the big and elevatory G of G and To, to is taller a G is smaller Accordingly, although To is a few more tallish than Toi, when because G is worth the real the largest wind force of very big and ventilated system,be more than G impossibly, f also is actually those who follow wind force G is big and reduce a basis above analysis can be pushed know, when downcast enough prep above of deep, Toi (even a bit under) when highest air temperature of place, although be in a year the summer with highest air temperature, what the wind Wen Ye of downcast the bottom of a well can follow ventilation is big and reduce The circumstance of this and common shallow well differs somewhat 2 mtl pithead enter periodic change of wind temperature To to say strictly, (4) type is to press To to have a quite long stabilization period (the cliff system that has a relative stability namely conducts heat condition) when the computational type of computative Ti actually ground day all air temperature is inside year those who make periodic change enter a common practice when wellhead, of cliff body conduct heat the time effect that because the quantity of heat in cliff body is conducted,the condition also adjusts change ceaselessly, the computation of S cannot be used according to instant To value (4) type is calculated directly have a learned man oneself studied action period of temperature of this kind of tasteful start when the gender changes, the main concern that meet an emergency of lukewarm photograph of the wind outside be apart from start to be apart from certainly turns, gave out general relation applies this relation at lukewarm to downcast wind the computation that distributing, be opposite (4) after type makes two as follows amend, can have downcast wind lukewarm distributinging computation: * general (4) type folds cent the 4th times to be two, right among them Pan face air temperature undertakes 1 times correction After amending (4) type is: Liu Jingxiu: Parameter of face of analyse of explore of rule of wind lukewarm change and Bi Ou allow mine downcast number and parameter of country rock hot physics beg pit shaft of downcast giving ② inside each well paragraph those who be in air temperature Ti to follow To is periodic fluctuate and make with frequency periodic wave motion, but the change that compares To is backward * of a phasic △ , and the well is jumped over greatly big, this phasic difference is bigger, show linear concern greatly with the well that is to say, with (6) type is calculated / when I, become △ Ti conversion time value, the wellhead day before using this time all air temperature will calculate current and corresponding well paragraph the day of place all the angular velocity that air temperature Ati can change according to ground air temperature, downcast section parameter and Bi Ou allow number, country rock to heat up physical parameter and well to wait for cipher out greatly Although (6) mood is right (4) after type undertook two are amended, get, but from (4) type is Baconian zephyr of lukewarm To of wind of deep, mtl pithead measures the S that come out and well the main concern between G is changeless, what what differ is to appear a time is wrong, be affected somewhat to increasing the size that is worth with G and oneself it is complex that 3 epilogue affect the factor with downcast warm wind, what establish approximate computation formula oneself covered main influencing factor, report gave wind lukewarm the basic rule that distributing and changes, especially a few basic rules that quantitative change of downcast well deep zephyr changes wind Wen Sui are basic pattern plate with this, again the specific requirement according to each mine, complementary with certain correction coefficient, and the numeric calculation method of computer of have the aid of, can realize solid maneuver to consider Cen Yan strong, hou Qi palm Environmental project is heated up inside mine Wuhan: Press of Wuhan industry university, 1989 Ping Songliang is male Ventilated learn Beijing: Metallurgical industry press, 1981 .


Deliver goods limits: Enterprise of manufacturer of borer of well of city of rich of county of river of happy city of Boerdala, rich, essence, hot spring county, the borer of head type complete hydraulic pressure of own research and development, borer of reverse circulation of well project drilling machine comes back dig borer water borer to make well machine promotion.

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The working environment that mine produces is compared commonly abominable, if add equipment security to cannot get ensuring, bring about the dependability of the safe facilities that monitor to reduce namely, and meet cause menace to person safety.

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