air impact drill

air impact drill

Drive after the operation checks engine warm-up to start, tilt the relies on a side only pedrail that the machine makes stands, the pedrail of two side undertakes ordinal rotate stand.

2, processing technique: Discovery is pounded implement when ringing, press above first examination of 4 kinds of reasons; The method of the examination is to will be pounded implement promote a paragraph, reduce exhaust resistance, water ejective one part, push slowly again to hole bottom, when be like this law to be ineffective, before be being belonged to probably 3 kinds of reasons, need to will be pounded implement debus is cleaned or change additional.


1% that only name interface accumulates, small protruding body falls in powerful pressure, generation plasticity is out of shape and produce adhesive wear then, the 50~100 that wear rate is regular job times, the 65%~75% that the greatest peak height spends abrasion.

Fine personal outfit vavuum pump installation undertakes trying pressing on testing stand, requirement: Rotate speed N=1100n/min, working hours parts 0.

product 3 principles, make north new coating of the plastic pipe material of the group, ability in swimming, without asbestine the product such as building products passed product certification of Chinese environment mark, brought infinite business chance for its.

Direct cooling is the hot exchange that contacts directly in fluid of low temperature of the infuse inside cylinder housing and refrigeration agent; Indirect cooling is a face of cliff of too cooling cylinder, the heat of side of inside and outside of wall of cylinder of have the aid of conducts the refrigeration agent inside cooling cylinder.