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Company Profile

Henan Yugong Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the Erqi District of Zhengzhou, China. Our company is a large engineering machinery production enterprise, which integrates mining equipment, tunnel construction equipment, road and bridge surface construction, development, production and sales. The products of our company are mainly involved in the fields of expressway, bridge tunnel, subway culvert, light rail high speed rail, mine resource mining, coal mine and non coal mine.

Our company persists in the strategy of technology research and development, and is committed to the research, development and application of new technologies and technologies in the fields of bridge and underground engineering, large-scale civil infrastructure, highway high speed rail and mining. In terms of construction equipment, it has exquisite workmanship and unique technology.

A series of products such as prestressed anchorage jack, prestressed tensioning equipment and consumables, high iron box beam milling and shaving treatment, light rail high speed subgrade settlement treatment equipment, tunnel excavation and support equipment, metal non-metallic ore anchorage and shotcrete supporting equipment can be produced in a complete set of YM, BM, PM and other anchorage systems.

Our products from technical design to raw material purchasing, from precision processing to strict quality inspection, strictly controlled by the ISO9001 quality system. Our products are widely used and popularized in many key construction projects and major projects in the country.